Discover new lending possibilities with Sterling Commercial Credit's Unitranche Loans. Our Unitranche Loans and Junior Capital Loans, when paired with an ABL line, offer a comprehensive financing solution for businesses seeking integrated and streamlined capital structures.

Unlock the Advantages of Unitranche Financing:

Unitranche financing offers small and medium-sized enterprises flexibility, transparency, and simplicity absent in traditional lending. Our tech-enabled lender delivers unitranche loans that combine various loan structures into a single debt agreement, addressing complications faced by smaller businesses in obtaining capital.

Certainty and Efficient Closure: Simplify negotiations with a single loan agreement and counterparty, ensuring a smoother and more efficient closing process. Particularly beneficial in time-sensitive scenarios like acquisitions with tight timelines.

Simple Structure with Flexible Repayment Terms: Streamline financial covenants and negotiations by dealing with only one set of terms. The repayment structure can be customized to align with your business’s unique cash flow profile, providing flexibility.

Cost Reduction: Experience reduced costs by dealing with a single debt instrument. This not only simplifies the process but also eliminates the need for numerous legal documents, including intercreditor agreements.

Key Features of Unitranche Financing

Unitranche Loans & Junior Capital Loans: Explore the integrated financing solution for businesses seeking streamlined and comprehensive capital structures.

Integration with Existing ABL Lines:Seamlessly integrate unitranche financing with existing Asset-Based Lending (ABL) lines, providing a holistic financing approach.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Capital Needs: Receive personalized financial solutions designed to meet the specific and diverse capital requirements of your business.

Need For Unitranche Financing

Before 2005, the introduction of unitranche financing addressed a gap in accessible financing for lower middle-market companies. Traditional lenders' strict requirements often excluded smaller enterprises. Unitranche loans provided a more accessible and favorable option, eliminating the need for multiple debt securities and accommodating specific financial objectives.

Advantages of Unitranche Loans

Sterling Commercial Credit's Unitranche Loans offer flexible terms, speed, and certainty of closure. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we automate processes for faster and more comprehensive funding than other lenders. The simplicity and flexibility of unitranche loans are inherent in our lending practice, enabling quicker and more competitive actions in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn how you can get started, with financing options up to $30M in under 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unitranche financing is a hybrid lending structure that combines different types of loans, such as senior and subordinated debt, into a single agreement. This streamlined approach simplifies the borrowing process for businesses.

Unlike traditional loans, unitranche financing involves a single credit agreement and security agreement, eliminating the need for multiple debt securities or loan tranches. This simplicity enhances flexibility and speeds up the funding process.

Unitranche financing provides SMEs with flexibility, transparency, and simplicity often lacking in traditional lending. It offers more accessible and favorable terms, accommodating specific financial objectives without the complications of multiple debt agreements.

With a single blended interest rate and streamlined compliance, unitranche financing simplifies the legal and administrative aspects of loan agreements. This results in cost savings, smoother decision-making processes, and easier adherence to loan terms.

Sterling Commercial Credit offers Unitranche Loans with flexible terms, speed, and certainty of closure. Utilizing advanced technology, we automate processes for faster and more comprehensive funding. Our expertise ensures businesses can act quickly and competitively in the marketplace. Contact us to explore financing options up to $30M in under 30 days.