Unlock new possibilities with Sterling Commercial Credit's Unitranche Loans. Our Unitranche Loans and Junior Capital Loans, when paired with an ABL line, offer a comprehensive financing solution for businesses seeking integrated and streamlined capital structures.

Key Features:

Unitranche Loans & Junior Capital Loans.

Integration with existing ABL lines for comprehensive financing

Tailored solutions for businesses with diverse capital needs

Equipment Term Loans to support your business assets

The option for Lines of Credit to transition to a Traditional ABL

As costs like inventory, supplies, payroll, and unexpected expenses persist, emergencies or seasonal fluctuations may create a need for short-term funds. In such cases, consider a business line of credit as the solution. It provides financial resources to help balance the ebb and flow of business cycles.

One of the notable advantages of a business line of credit, compared to a regular business loan, is that interest is typically not charged on the unused portion. Your business can draw on the line of credit at any time, making it a versatile tool. Additionally, it can serve as an overdraft line of credit, assisting you in managing cash flow effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

A closed-end loan typically funds one specific purpose, whereas a business line of credit provides more versatility. It can be used for various needs, such as purchasing inventory or covering payroll, allowing you to decide where to allocate your company's cash.

Unlike traditional loans, a revolving credit line lets you access funding before your business actually needs it. This flexibility accommodates the cyclical nature of business, ensuring you can borrow money to address short-term needs and keep your business running smoothly, day in and day out.

Traditional term loans come with set monthly payments, which can pose challenges for start-up businesses. In contrast, a revolving credit line offers flexible repayment terms. If your business experiences a slow month, you can pay the minimum amount due, providing adaptability to your cash flow.

One challenge for business owners is keeping personal and business expenses separate. A revolving business credit line addresses this by dedicating funds solely to business expenses. This enables you to streamline and track your business expenditures effectively.

Building ratings with major business credit reporting agencies is crucial for businesses. A business revolving line of credit allows you to establish a positive payment history reflected in your company's business credit report. This positive history enhances your company's creditworthiness, potentially opening doors for future credit opportunities.