Advantages of Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

Proprietary Client Dashboard & Software Interface

Sterling has revolutionized the on-line daily invoice submission process, allowing the customer to have an interactive experience while on the Sterling website. It offers quote, application, credit limits, and broker interface with instant access to data 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Take on Additional Business

Most of our invoice factoring clients can increase sales if they have improved cash flow. How this works depends on your industry and your market. Some examples are:

  1. Improving or increasing marketing efforts
  2. Saying “Yes” to customers who demand credit terms
  3. Investing in income-producing assets—human capital and equipment
  4. Eliminating or reduced supplier constraints
  5. Shifting manpower from collections to marketing and production


Reduce Expenses

Many of our invoice factoring clients reduce expenses by outsourcing credit and administration to Sterling, and by leveraging their short term assets. The most common ways include:

  1. Eliminating bad debt with SCC verification and credit research up front
  2. Reducing collection and administrative expenses
  3. Receiving cash discounts from suppliers


Improve Your Financial Condition

Factoring invoice for cash enables businesses to “get current” or reduce strains caused by tight cash flow. It also improves their credit rating. Here are some examples how factoring improves cash flow:

  1. Staying current with suppliers and creditors
  2. Establishing payment terms with suppliers, further improving cash flow
  3. Meeting payroll obligations
  4. Bringing payroll taxes current


How Can Your Company Benefit By Factoring Invoices With Sterling?

Every company has unique situations. Before beginning to factor, it’s important to estimate how our invoice factoring services can increase your business, reduce your collection expenses, and improve your financial situation. Call a Sterling representative and we can help you answer these important questions.