Wholesale Services

Wholesale Services

Factoring is the answer to the cash flow needs of wholesalers. Sterling Commercial Credit was started in 2004 to help growing businesses with an alternative to conventional bank financing. Sterling will promptly offer wholesalers and wholesale companies a steady stream of cash through the factoring of their account receivables or purchase order funding.

We understand that waiting 30-90 days for payment of an invoice ties up your working capital. By receiving payment immediately upon invoicing, through our factoring program, you will have the money to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers. We look at the credit worthiness of your clients and we handle client concentration issues.

Simply put, factoring means that Sterling advances you up to 85% of the invoice amount immediately, and gives the remaining balance when your clients make full payment.

It’s simple as that! Get started immediately by filling out the simple and quick online application form.

And remember, Sterling does not sign you on to any long-term contracts. Our agreements allow you the flexibility to factor what you want, when you want. You can pick and choose the accounts that you want to factor.

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