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Credit & Collection Services

Collection Services

Experienced & Professional

Providing third party collection and verification services for over 12 years. Since 2012, Sterling has processed over $1 Billion dollar in cash management with over 4000 third party debtors (paying sources). Sterling's approach is to open lines of communication with third party debtors and the customer to ensure all paper work is accurate and validated to smooth out the cash flow and allow for a high level of predictability in cash flow.

Invoice Verification & Collection Calls

Sterling's collection & verification analyst are information seekers to ensure the facts are reported back to our clients. Having an added clerical support person without taking on salary or benefits is an added value to our invoice factoring clients. Many business owners dislike chasing down the money, and making credit calls falls down on the priority list. With Sterling's verification analyst making these calls, it frees up the business owner to spend time driving sales and bring profits to the bottom line.

Client Communication - Aging Notes Weekly

Sterling can provide weekly aging notes for the client to review and strategize collection plans. As a third party verification firm, Sterling's verification analyst have been trained to provide real time information to our clients to ensure there are no surprise week-to-week with cash advances.

Over 90-Day Trends - Industry Leading Under 5%

Sterling is very proud to report a three year over-90 day collection rate under 5% of gross invoice collections. Sterling provides collection and verification services nationwide for many industries. Sterling has many cases where over 90-day invoices averaged 15% to 25% after engaging a full-time Sterling verification analyst, invoices over 90-days dropped below the targeted goal of 5%.


Credit Services

Sterling Partners with Dun & Bradstreet and Experian for accurate debtor rating and to ensure credit risks are properly managed. Below are some key features offered by our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.

Manage Capital and Risk

Get Clarity Across Every Relationship in Your Portfolio

Whether your portfolio spans a city, a country or the globe, Dun & Bradstreet delivers the data, analytics and insight to grow your most profitable relationships. By combining your insights with our own, Dun & Bradstreet facilitates a global, unified view of your customer relationships across credit and collections.

  1. Advance the relationships with the most potential upside
  2. Reduce tension between risk and opportunity
  3. Unify disconnected data


Advance the Relationships With the Most Potential Upside

When a CFO looks at the company's relationships, it shouldn't mean looking around corners. It means getting rid of corners to create a clear line of sight.

Success drivers include:

  1. Having a complete, accurate view of the entire customer portfolio
  2. Creating a global, unified view of your relationships, strengthened by state-of-the-art analytics
  3. Gaining a predictive view with analytics to take precise action on relationships to advance, and relationships to avoid


Reduce Tension Between Risk and Opportunity

Because finance touches all business relationships - from sales and product to marketing and vendors - the CFO must thoughtfully and strategically balance risk and reward within those relationships.

Success drivers include:

  1. Developing tools to efficiently manage all relationships, such as automating routine transactions
  2. Integrating capabilities such as identify resolution, corporate linkage, and predictive scoring to lead to more thoughtful investments and provide a buffer against potentially damaging business relationships


Unify Disconnected Data

Companies like yours sit on goldmines of customer data, yet it often resides in different silos. The CFO is ideally positioned to pull together that disconnected data to sharpen the focus on managing capital and risk.

Success drivers include:

  1. Understanding when "close enough" isn't "good enough" and asking your data the right questions to make sure you have that insight - and can extract it every day
  2. Tapping into world-class predictive insights such as custom analytics, portfolio monitoring, and automated decision tools


Finance and Sales Collaboration

Arm Sales with the Insights They Need to Deliver the Big Deal

Finance and sales: BFFs? You bet. For successful companies, long gone are the days when the CFO was perceived as merely a cost cutter. More than ever, finance leaders empower their sales colleagues with the knowledge they need to make the deals that will deliver growth. Dun & Bradstreet sharpens that finance and sales collaboration by delivering deep, accurate data and state-of-the-art analytics that prioritize opportunities and uncover future growth.

  1. Discover the fastest path to growth
  2. Identify top sales prospects
  3. Shorten the sales cycle


Discover the Fastest Path To Growth

The fewer obstacles your sales colleagues have in front of them, the faster they can generate revenue.

Success drivers include:

  1. Approving the right customers quickly and intelligently be activating world-class analytics
  2. Refining how you deliver information to your sales organization, proactively equipping sales with information to help them engage in healthier dialogue with customers to resolve issues before revenue is at risk


Identify Top Sales Prospects

If finding the strongest prospects were easy, why do so few companies grow? Your finance organization is essential to delivering the best opportunities, which frees up your sellers to do what they do best: sell.

Success drivers include:

  1. Mining data and analytics to let finance and sales engage in proactive client-matching and prospect-profiling
  2. Strategically selecting and pre-approving targets with risk and entity data


Shorten the Sales Cycle

The typical B2B sales cycle is measured in months not days, but every minute still counts. Staying in front of the competition means shortening the path to close.

Success drivers include:

  1. Developing fast but prudent ways to evaluate and approve new prospects for credit and move existing customers out of hold
  2. Integrating global data and analytics with account-by-account insights to speed up prescreening and avoid unnecessary delays—cutting days from prospecting to closing