Sharing, knowledge and expertise to help others fulfill their dreams.


The definition of giving is “freely transferring the possession of (something) to (someone); to hand over”. Sterling gives in many dimensions, both tangible and intangible.

Even though Sterling's core tangible service is lending money, it has many intangible ways of giving that can often be overlooked but is by no means less important.

One of the most valuable forms of giving is ones time and energy. Time and energy to understand our clients' businesses and their needs. Time and energy to be thorough with superior customer service. Time and energy to build trusting relationships with our clients and their customers.

When one thinks of giving they think of “big-hearted”. Sterling is filled with big-hearted individuals who first and foremost care about people and seeing them succeed. This holds true not only with our clients but also within the organization. One person I have noticed this in particular with is Barb Bolitho. Barb is always willing to give of herself. Whether it be training new employees, answering HR questions or staying after hours, Barb gives 110% without fail. We all have many daily responsibilities but Barb wears so many hats that I don't know if she ever sleeps! Barb is an inspiration on both a personal and professional level.

Heather Bruerd

According to definition, giving is to freely transfer the possession of something to someone. To me, giving is one of the most important services Sterling can provide to our clients. Giving our knowledge and expertise is what helps the client to grow and fulfill their business goals. This sharing of knowledge is one of the many things that gives Sterling an edge against their competitors. It allows our clients to grow and, while they may potentially no longer need us, they are sure to share their experience with others whom may be in a similar situation as they once were.

I have witnessed many great examples of giving to clients, in my time at Sterling. I think one of the best examples is Stephanie and watching her work with Peter at Snap Fresssh. She was always willing to give her time to listen to the client and provide her knowledge on whatever the topic might be. Even if the topic was something she wasn’t knowledgeable on, she would go above and beyond to get any information that might help the client. Watching her has provided me with a great example of how to be giving towards our clients. It has also taught me a great deal on what one should do when faced with a situation one doesn’t have much expertise in. I would consider that to be invaluable knowledge when working with clients in so many different areas of business.

On the other side, I have also seen many examples of coworkers being giving towards each other. Having recently moved into a different role, everyone has been very helpful with any questions I might have. Individually it is hard to be knowledgeable in everything but collectively, as a team, it is much easier. I’m pleased to work in an environment where everyone is always willing to help each other!

Adrianne Azzoli

Giving means sharing time, knowledge and expertise. To freely transfer the possession of something to someone.

Sterling is different than other finance companies because we take the extra time to know our clients. By giving our knowledge and expertise, we can build strong relationships with our clients to learn who they are and how Sterling can help grow their business. As an RM, I always take the extra time to work with each of my clients. RM’s continue to grow the relationship with our clients by going above and beyond. We are the one point person who is working with our clients from day to day. Our primary role is provide superior customer service.

In my years here at Sterling, I have seen many examples of co-workers giving to each other. I am proud to work in an environment where everyone is willing to work together as a team.

Sherri Eckert

The word give is comprised of multiple actions such as exchanging passionately possessions, your heart, time. I have been raised all my life that giving is better than receiving. Giving makes a person’s heart feel whole. I’m very passionate about giving and helping others in need.

Sterling is a perfect example of giving in many areas. Sterling gives daily to its clients in need. They give their time and are passionate about providing (giving) knowledge, guidance, and heartfelt comfort during entrepreneur struggles that can occur during the lifetime of a business. Sterling’s daily giving to its clients is giving to many layers of multiple companies which includes the business owner, it’s staff and families throughout the United States.

I’m very passionate about giving and helping others in need such as being part of organizations that assist children. For example, I have been part of the RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness) through the Brighton School District which provides gifts to under privileged children at Christmas Time. I’m thankful for the giving sprit that Sterling provides to its community during the Christmas season with gift giving and volunteering their time to help deliver presents to the schools for this organization.

Sterling also gives “Rudy Scholarships” to Student Athletes from Brighton High Schools Graduating Class. The Rudy Award is not necessarily the best athletic person on the team it’s the athlete that has the characteristics like the story of Rudy Ruettiger from the Notre Dame Football team. The Rudy Characteristics are: Commitment, Character, Ambition, Courage, Contribution/Giving, Leadership, Perseverance, and the ability to overcome obstacles. Sterling is thankful for its Rudy’s!

Karen L. Small