Broker Information

Broker Information

Sterling Commercial Credit is grateful for its family of brokers and partners. We collectively work to solve real life cash flow concerns for American businesses. We pride ourselves in being responsive and diligent in providing solutions that are not only creative, but also affordable. Learn more about programs we have designed to help your clients with their financial needs.

Is Cash a Barrier to your Customer’s Growth?

Sterling offers referral fees for successful closed deals. Sterling pays broker commissions ranging from 12% to 20% based on the revenue earned with Sterling. Broker commissions are paid monthly via check or ach wire on the first week of the month.

Here are several highlights that are brokers can sell to their clients on utilizing Sterling for commercial financing:

  1. 48 Hour approval from receipt of application
  2. Invoice Factoring closing in five business days
  3. Serving clients nationwide with annual sales of $500,000 to $25,000,000
  4. No monthly minimums or add on fees
  5. No termination fee in factoring facilities
  6. Simple one rate fee structure for factoring clients
  7. No bait and switch or lock-in features
  8. Access to industry leading software
  9. Professional and dedicated customer solution team


Why Sterling

We realize that referrals are the drivers of our success. That’s why we are determined to provide our brokers with the most professional, responsive and flexible service in the industry. If you are an established broker, or just starting out, Sterling is committed to providing you with the assistance necessary for success.

Why should you consider becoming a broker with Sterling?

Because we keep things simple . . .

  1. Diverse factoring programs.
  2. Respectful and consistent service.
  3. A timely approval process.
  4. Direct dialogue with Decision Makers.

If your are interested in becoming a broker with Sterling, please click here to fill out our form and we will follow up with a phone call to discuss your options within 48 hours.