Asset Based Lending for Trucking Companies

Semi-Truck with the sunset

 October 2021

Invoice factoring works well for small trucking companies, but it can sometimes become inconvenient and expensive if you have a larger to midsized company. Asset based lending (ABL) is a great option for those larger trucking companies that need help with cash flow, company expenses, and buying new equipment.

Asset Based Loans (ABL) are almost always less costly then Factoring programs. Most ABLs use Borrowing Base Certificates as the collateral tracking mechanism as opposed to every individual invoice. So, the paperwork involved also tends to be much simpler. And many ABLs can also provide Equipment Financing as part of the overall Credit Facility.

Overall if you have a midsize to large trucking fleet asset based lending may be the best choice for you to improve your cashflow and help your business grow. If you are interested in obtaining an Asset Based Loan with Sterling, please call 800-560-2601 or click on apply now and we will get a proposal to you within 48 hours of receiving your completed application.