How Invoice Factoring Can Help Trucking Companies 

Semi-truck driving on the road with a blue sky

 September 2021

Imagine you are a trucking company just starting out. You bought your first truck, and you are getting contracts. But your clients are taking longer to pay than you expected, and you are running out of money to pay for important things such as payroll, fuel, and operational costs. How do you solve this problem? It’s easy, invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring can help anyone in the trucking business with their clients who take longer to pay. All you have to do is deliver the load, invoice the client, send the invoice to your factoring company, and the factoring company will pay you a 80% to 90% of the invoice in 24 hours. The 10% to 20% balance of the invoice will be paid to you when the invoice is paid to the Factor, less the factoring fess. It’s just that easy. Invoice factoring also takes time off your hands by allowing you to focus more on your business and your factor will oversee your accounts receivables and handle your clients’ payments.

Invoice factoring allows you to focus more on your business and allow you to grow and thrive. If you would like to factor with us, call us at 800-560-2601 or click on apply now and we will get a proposal to you within 48 hours of receiving your completed application.