Congratulations Graduates!

Sterling Graduates 2018
June 2018

Sterling Commercial Credit would like to congratulate their clients on GRADUATION!
We are very proud of our clients on their hard work, and wish them the best in the future. Read More to see the list of our most recent graduates:

Sterling Graduates 2018

Welding Company
Customer Since: June, 2014
# of Months with Sterling: 45 Months
Graduation Date: February, 2018
Transaction: $1,250,000 Factoring
Location: Colorado
Graduated to: Bank - Small Business Loan

Stucco Company
Customer Since: July, 2017
# of Months with Sterling: 9 Months
Graduation Date: May, 2018
Transaction: $250,000 Factoring
Location: Arizona
Graduated to: Cash flow grew / self sustained

Manufacturer & Distributor of Accessories & Jewelry
Customer Since: November, 2015
# of Months with Sterling: 32 Months
Graduation Date: June, 2018
Transaction: $600,000 Ledger Line of Credit
Location: Massachusetts
Graduated to: Bank - Traditional Line of Credit

Machine Tooling Sales and Service
Customer Since: August, 2016
# of Months with Sterling: 23 Months
Graduation Date: June, 2018
Transaction: $1,500,000 ABL Detail
Location: Michigan
Graduated to: Bank - Traditional LOC