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Sterling Commercial Credit Fee Comparison

Invoice Factoring Fees

When you factor your benefits are many. Of course you get the money up front and we act as your accounts receivable and collections department. We provide you with credit analysis, to help eliminate bad debt and improve slow payments. To hire a collection & credit manager or to have access to an on-site attorney the costs could be $50,000 to $150,000 per year.

At Sterling we charge a flat discount fee of a mere 2% to 3% per invoice per month. Sterling has no monthly minimum contracts and charges no add on fees such as wire, postage, UCC, admin fee. Another key is SCC has no trap door exit fees or lock features. Be sure to read your contracts closely and be sure to compare apples to apples when shopping for a financial partner as all finance companies are not created equally.

For example:

You have an invoice for $10,000.00
Advance Rate 85%
Discount Fee 1% every 10-days
Payment made to SCC in 38 days from funding date
Initial Advance $8,500
Fee Paid to SCC $400 dollars (4% = 38 days falls in 4th bucket from initial advance)
Reserve wire paid to Client $1,100